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Approved Testimonials

"It has been a pleasure working with Kyla and Taycie. Kyla in particular has been a wonderful promoter of our brand and I’m very excited at the prospect of where we can grow with her help. She has a remarkable and obvious knack with buyers.... are able to clone Kyla that would be great! Only kidding...mostly. :)" -Cari Balbo Director of Strategic Growth The Original Jojoba Co.

"I would recommend your company to anyone." Michael Hocklander -SVP Caribe Producers

"Jeremy has a wealth of experience in the retail space and has created a phenomenally effective retail consulting group." "I am really enjoying working with your group. I am spreading the word to other brands I know about your team as well, as I am very impressed with our Ant Hill account managers and the platform you've created." Brent Burden -SVP of Sales Lumineaux Oral Essentials

"Your team has been INCREDIBLE! I am very impressed with the quality of work and so thankful for the effort Chelsey and Mike have put forth!" -Hailey Martinez Sales Manager Rinse Kit

"The work your team has done has absolutely been fantastic." -Daniel Manning CEO Bed In A Box

"Just wanted to acknowledge McKell and Josh for all their efforts in the booth this week. They were a big help. We appreciate everyone’s hard work leading up to the show as well!" "Everyone's been great on your team!" - Azod Mohit CEO Flag & Anthem

"You have been an incredible partner and person as well. Micheal and I were talking about how much we have appreciated you. It is crazy that the little Spatty has come from a hand made product to now a product that is sold in Bed Bath and Beyond, Wal-Mart, and Target. I am sad that I am not going to be working with you much longer but thank you for your understanding and always working with me. You are the best! I wish you all the best!" - Cheryl Rigdon CEO The Spatty

"Jeremy is a terrific sales person, and more importantly a very honest, sincere and stand-up guy.....because we invest in good people." - Derek Boduch Chief Financial Officer Fugoo

"(Ant Hill) has done more for us in 3 months than anyone has done for us in five years." -Eric Durtschi Founder/Owner Crio Bru

"Your team is doing a fantastic job!....We are very happy with the results! In the age of technology-driven sales platforms, AntHill has proven themselves to be highly effective in what I would consider being the lost art of the cold call. Harnessing a broad network of contacts & relationships, they capitalize on their ability to relay our brand story on a person to person level." -William Glaab CEO Hand in Hand Soap

"Working with Ant Hill was a huge benefit to our company. They allowed us to scale our outreach and sales quickly, effectively and without having to hire new sales people. They had all the contacts we needed at their fingertips and it made our job more efficient. I highly recommend their experienced team for startups looking to get their brand into retailers." -Farzan Dehmoubed CEO Lotus Sustainables

"Jeremy redefines the word 'Go' and is a 'man who delivers... Since (Ant Hill) has begun, we have gone from a couple hundred thousand dollars in sales to a trajectory of $2,000,000 - $3,000,000 by end of next year." -Steve Goldstein CEO Gobag

"I have been working with Jeremy since early 2015 and he has been successful in getting our brand in front of countless retailers. I was immediately impressed with the larger number of contacts he has, and his ability to navigate through different retailers systems. He has proven to be extremely persistent and thorough. His attention to detail is fantastic." -John Snecinski Sales Director First Aid Shot Therapy

" those 5 months, I have been extremely impressed by (their) business and sales experience, execution of sales strategy and the abundance of contacts that Jeremy possesses. (Jeremy) possesses an excellent work ethic, great communication, good team player and most of all a great passion for the retail sales profession." -Steve Calle CEO Snow Lizard

"Thank you so much for this wonderful experience, we would highly recommend you!!!" -Rebecca Watson

"We have absolutely enjoyed our experience working with the team and will definitely be reaching out in early 2019 as we will be expanding into other product lines." -Dave Torres Hidrate Spark

"I wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure working with your team... I really enjoyed using the dashboard--it was an easy way to track progress and see what the team was accomplishing each week." -Cameron Lalabu

"Your team is fantastic. A breath of fresh air." -Bill Mitchell Retap Water Bottles

"Ant Hill has been a great partner! Jeremy is great to work with." -Patrick Meyer Sales Manager Tend Insights

"In the past two months Jeremy has secured meetings for us at: Kroger, CVS, UNFI, Wakefern, Supervalu, Marsh, Price Chopper and Maverik, and are in conversations with over 35 major chains in just a couple of months! I would highly recommend working with Jeremy! He is Full of integrity, honesty and SUCCESS!" -Helga Arminak CEO Chrislie Formulations

"Baylee has been amazing to work with!" -Tara Ferdico All Star

"Thanks for helping us out with leads!" -Jessica Norton CEO Jack and Winn

"Your team is doing a tremendous job and we appreciate all the effort!" -Sarah Ross Director of Sales Stojo

"Kade was one of the coolest people I have ever worked with and he did an awesome job." - Will Carr CEO Genesee Nutrition

"(Kendree) has been really nice to work with." -John Lin CEO Doughnut Bags

"We all agree that Ant Hill is a great company and has done a lot to move our product." -June Rust Postum

"We've loved our time at Anthill, Kamryn and Mckell have been wonderful to work with and the service has been great." -Hasan Hasmani CEO Underdog Games

"Josh is a really strong consultant - he caught on to the product quickly, and is definitely producing results....We'll definitely work with you again in the future." -Clark Huggins CEO Reckless Deck

"(Ant Hill) offers brands like ours incredible access to the US retail market through (their) retail buyer database and vast buyer database. (Jeremy's) strategic vision and hard work has meant our brands have grown quicker than we could have ever expected. Always reliable, honest and easy to work with." -Marshall Lees Director Brandfarm

"I am really enjoying working with Amanda." -Stephanie Mitelman Owner Senseez

"We have enjoyed working with Ant Hill and especially Jared Winkel. Ant Hill has lived up to your commitments, and are a delight to work with, and have brought Imag3D opportunities that we would never have reached ourselves." -Mark Rowley Director Image 3D

"I enjoy working with the girls!" -Lee Cristou CEO Kroma

" Your team has been extremely professional and a pleasure to work with." - Harold Earls President Southern Grind Knives (Zac Brown Band)

"I must say that I am very please with what your team is helping is with and glad that we hooked up!" - Bill Mitchell Retap

"I appreciate what you and your team are doing for our partnership." -Jesse Langley Director of Sales Lotus Trolley Bags

"The service you offer is outstanding and really puts ones product in front of buyers." -Gerald Haessig Cafe Ergo

"Tara has been amazing to work with!" -Mark Eshelman CEO Stedipedi

"It is great to see the activity!" -Patrick Clayton Partner Gibson and Dehn

“Anthill is a great resource to jumpstart a new or existing product! The staff of Mckell and Chelsey have been wonderful to work alongside. They respond to every request and create the pull through at every opportunity. I would recommend them and Anthill as a third arm to any organization for retail or commercial." Sam Difiglio -Key Account Manager C-Line Products

"We love Baylee!" -Alanna York CEO Controlled Chaos

"Baylee does a great job!" -Tami Van Der Veur CEO Savvy Curls

"It has been such a pleasure working with AntHill. The enthusiasm and professionalism has made working with your team easy." -Cassandra Randolph 12 Little

"I'm very happy with your service." -Daniel Stone CEO Stone Candles

"I want to thank you all for all the work done on behalf of CasaCam. I believe it’s really paying off and makes me optimistic about the growth of our business with your help!" - Barry Miller CEO Home Tech (Casa Cam)

"We love all of the response and leads Mike and Golden have brought!" - Michelle Lance Jolin US Jolin US

"It has been nice to work with you! -Kristin Winter Vita Juwel

"(Ant Hill) is doing a good job!" -Jesse Langley Lotus Trolley Bags

"I just want to say the team I have been working with have been great!" Michelle Laramee CEO Wishbite

"Over the course of that year, our internal sales grew by approximately 50%. (Jeremy) is persistent in his follow-through, well-spoken and intelligent. He will be greatly missed! -Jessica Buss Sales Coordinator Brunton/Primus

"You guys were great!" -Jose Carreon Owner HexCarr Industries

"I would highly recommend (Ant Hill) to anyone looking to get their brand into retail channels. Jeremy is honest, flexible and reliable." -Samantha Ou CEO Pueen

"We really love working with you all, and see the value in it." -Stephen Gifford CEO Harding Lane

"I've been very pleased with this relationship...Would I recommend your services? Absolutely." -Jim Wampler Sales Director Factory Entertainment

"Since we began working with Ant Hill (9 months ago), we have seen considerable amount of interest from major retailers." -Arianna Megaro Founder & CEO BlokRok

"It has been a pleasure to work with all of you and your company." - Brian Semling Strictly Briks

.."Mr Brockbank demonstrated his ability to effectively open many new accounts for the company, including some large retail chains such as Lowe's, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot. He proved able to not only open new accounts in the USA but also internationally....One of his strongest attributes is persistence. Once he has determined a course of action, Mr. Brockbank aggressively pursues that path and is often very successful." -Joe Atkin President GOAL ZERO

"You guys did a great job!" -Steve Montgomery Callison/Sophie La Girafe

"(Ant Hill) has been doing everything that we've asked!" -Mike Kim K POP

"I'm very happy with the progress and information the team is able to provide. Being able to look at your CRM is also extremely helpful, as it keeps me very up to date... We appreciate the effort and I really commend you for great customer service, knowledgeable and personable people to work with like Sam. He is a real pleasure and I can truly say I wish I worked with more people like him. Thanks very much... Again, you and your team are real professionals!" - Carol Moore Sr. VP Marketing

"Greg and I are very happy with the movement!" -Kim VP of Sales Castakite

"I am highly satisfied with your work and I will be recommending you highly to my fellow hardware startups." - Sam Force VP of Sales Roadie

"..from the strong lines of communication to the extensive book of qualified buyers, I have been impressed. I have truly enjoyed our sales experience with Ant Hill." - Bridget Muscat President Allett Wallets

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