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Brands Rising is changing the way the retail industry operates. Throughout Jeremy’s career, he has seen other industries adapt and modernize to the ever-changing landscape. In 2013, Jeremy decided it was time to bring retail into the 21st century and created Ant Hill Retail (now Brands Rising).


Brands Rising is an efficient and powerful retail consulting group, with over 441,000+ retail buyers in our CRM system. Ant Hill Retail has the largest and most comprehensive retail database in the world.  Our database is tested against Python API's and Google Plug-In's to test for bad contacts.


With years of experience in the retail industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. That is because we helped over 500+ retail brands from around the world sell to the US market. That is why we have created a business model that takes the best of what does work, and have removed what doesn't work, to create a new way for your product to penetrate the retail market throughout the world.


"We are uniquely built to hit your brands max potential."

Jen Brockbank

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